English 2019

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Posted on Avg 29, 2018 by MaticMermolja


The day of Ajdovščina’s industry and enterpreneurship, will take place on Saturday, September 28th, 2019, on Ajdovščina Airfield. Main purpose of the event is presenting and promoting companies and economy from municipality of Ajdovščina. Event organiser is Ljudska univerza Ajdovščina in cooperation with municipality of Ajdovščina and other partners.

Main happening will be held on Ajdovščina Airplace, where the companies will have interactive presentations of their activities on their stands. There will be a rich programme during the event, with lucky contest, local food and drinks, demo flights and more. Some companies will also open their doors and offer conducted tours to public. Transportation to companies will be organized from the central scene and will be free for all visitors. Come and visit us!


The festival, taking place on September 27-28 at Ajdovščina airfield, aims to connect and showcase Ajdovščina’s major industries and entrepreneurs. Large and small companies, plants and factories will open their doors and present their businesses to the public through guided tours and exhibitions at the venue.


Music, food, and drink will be featured at the venue throughout the day.